Good Gut Health for Our Mental Wellbeing

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Have you ever had that ‘gut feeling’?

The link between our brain and our gut is well documented, gut health really can alter the state of our mental health. This workshop has been designed to support Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. In it we will explore a little science behind our gut and brain connections whilst exploring how this years theme ‘nature’ can become the simplest resources to support our mental health.

A worry that’s essentially a thought in your brain but that is so powerful it can make your stomach churn. Those butterflies you feel are a physical response to that one thought and they’re responsible for so much more than we ever knew.

In this one hour introduction journey to a Happy Gut & Mind we will explore the link between both, the impact they have on our overall health & mental wellbeing, why we want to nurture them and how.

Each guest will receive session notes complete with mindful living tips along with an exclusive simple but nourishing Happy Gut, Happy Mind recipe.

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