A collection of workshops to focus and invest your energies in your Gut and Brain Health.

How to Build a Strong Immunity

With leading Immunologist Dr Jenna Macchioci (PhD)
Did you know that 70% of our immune system is house in our gut? So making sure our digestive system is in tip-top shape is a must when it comes to keeping our immunity strong enough to fight nasty bugs and diseases.

Feeding your Gut Happy

A series of workshops broken down chapter by chapter to explore what Good Gut and Brain Health really means and why it is essential to our health and wellbeing. In this series we will focus on the secret ingredients to feeding your Gut and Mind Happy, unravel simple ways to finding your own balance and explore the role of movement.

IBS and Good Gut Health

Two words not usually used in the same sentence together, yet totally possible. Us IBS sufferers just need to think a little harder about the possibilities. This workshop is specific for IBS sufferers looking to improve both your Gut and Brain Health.

Good Gut Health for Our Mental Wellbeing

The link between our brain and our gut is well documented, gut health really can alter the state of our mental health. In this workshop we will explore a little science behind our gut and brain connections whilst exploring how this years theme ‘nature’ can become the simplest resource to support our mental health.

I used to be brilliant with food and bit by bit over the years I became a little too complacent, so thank you, you really helped kick start my kitchen/body cleanse 


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