Truffle Polenta Fries

I’m not really a potato fries kind of person. As alluring as the humble chip is, they make me feel pretty rubbish afterwards – enter bloated stomach, lack of energy, constipation and that annoying pain at the base of my spine that acts as my constant reminder to be kinder to my body. Thank you good old IBS!

Nobody wants to feel like this! But there’s something so exciting about grabbing a finger sized morsel from a shared bowl, dipping it in to some deliciously garlic infused creamy mayo whilst chatting general fodder like the current state of our summer weather (that’s a whole other subject for another day!). It’s hard to resist!

Enter the Polenta Fry – originating from Northern Italy, this humble cornmeal grain is best known for being served as a kind of textured porridge, think Italian grits. We don’t really showcase this grain much over here in the UK, but we should. Not only is it a good excuse to increase plant diversity, but polenta is bursting full of antioxidants flavonoids and phenolic acids, well known for reducing inflammation in our body and brains. In short, polenta is delicious, oh and did I mention they are also gluten free too?!

What I love about polenta is its versatility – by adding herbs, spices, or grated cheese it’s easy to add extra flavour. My polenta fries recipes can quite simply be adapted by switching out the thyme for another woody herb such as rosemary, or adding a cup full of parmesan (vegan or not) or brushing with garlic oil. Whatever way you prefer them, I urge you to give these Truffle Polenta Fries a go first, I promise you won’t look back at the humble chip in the same way again.


FODMAP Friendly, Gluten Free, Vegan


1 Cup Polenta

2 Cups Vegetable Stock

1/2 Cup Oat Milk

Pinch Sea Salt & Pepper

Handful of thyme leaves

Coconut Oil

Truffle Oil

Bring the vegetable stock to the boil, add the polenta and stir until combined.

Add the oat milk, chopped thyme leaves, salt and pepper and cook on a low heat for 5 minutes until soft, whisking regularly.

Switch off the heat and leave in the pan with a lid on for 5 minutes before pouring on to a pre lined baking tin. Press down and smooth out so the polenta is evenly spread.

Place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 210º fan assisted. Remove the polenta from the freezer. Cut the polenta in to fries by chopping it in half lengthways, then each length in to small 1/4inch fries.

Place on a pre-lined baking tray, spray or brush gently with oil and stick in the oven for 15 minutes before turning over and placing them back for a further 15 minutes until golden brown all over.

Remove the fries from the oven, brush generously with truffle oil, sprinkle with sea salt and fresh thyme and serve with a big dollop of mayo or ketchup.

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