‘Pimped up Plants’ fermented BLT

Pimped Up Plants Fermented BLT Sandwich, the original BLT but so much more nourishing. This sandwich knocks up loads of plant points plus delivers not just 1 but 3 different ferments to keep your gut bugs happy.

Truffle Polenta Fries

Originating from Northern Italy, this humble grain isn’t shown too much love over here in the UK. There perfect replacement for the humble chip that’s gentle on your gut and full of delicious goodness.

Gluten Free Brain Power Snacks

Healthy snacking doesn’t have to cost a lot in time and money. These simple stuffed dates are brimming full of lots of good gut stuff to keep your microbes and your brain happy.

Winter Spiced Nutola

This grain-free Nutola is quite simply brimming full of plant based diversity and fibre. This stuff is magic – I’ve been making it since being diagnosed with IBS, it keeps everything ticking along nicely.

Tiger Nut & Oat Ginger Cookies

The perfect alternative when following the restrictive phase of the low FODMAP diet, the humble Tiger Nut is a powerhouse. Rich in nutrients and quite literally bursting full of vitamins E & C, this is one nut you’re going to want in your diet.

Blackberry and Elderflower Cake

Italian deliciousness at breakfast with this Blackberry Spelt Crumble Cake. Not strictly FODMAP friendly, Spelt is a wonderfully versatile nutty ancient grain boasting a rich nutritional profile.

Zero Waste Chestnut Bread

A deliciously nutty take on the humble Banana Loaf, using up a sachet of Chestnuts found at the back of my larder. The spin on this recipe is plant diversity at its very best.

Easy Peasy Pea Hummus

A great way to increase plant diversity in a delicious spin on the classic humous recipe.

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