About me

Hello, I’m Suzanne, an IBS Warrior and lover of all things gut related.

Let me start by introducing myself, I’m Suzanne – a wife and mum to three kids. It’s worth pointing out that my youngest two are twins, double trouble. Why is this important? It was this, let’s call it an ‘event’ that was a total game changer for me, leading me on the journey that is all things ‘happy gut’.

A little bit of background might help here – before kids (BK) I had a career in IT sales, it was fun but not really my passion, and I took it pretty damn seriously. I was climbing the corporate ladder, and with each climb, the stress levels increased. I walked away from my career path when having my first daughter; I couldn’t see how I could travel the breadth of the country, stay away from home and to be quite franks, do two things I care about properly (and I do like to do things properly!). And I simply wasn’t passionate enough about what I did!

It was a few years laters, after having my twins via c-section that I suffered awful digestive problems. I was eventually diagnosed with IBS and told there wasn’t much medically that could be done for me. What the heck?? I had three small pre-schoolers at home, I needed to work this out, I needed to feel good!

So I began researching and read about the low FODMAP diet, developed by the amazing people at Monash University, who found that those foods high in FODMAPS (Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols) can cause irritation in those people with stomach sensitivity. I enlisted the help of a nutritionalist and this essentially is where my happy gut and healthy mind journey began.

Its only now that I can see the immense pressure that I put myself under in both my work and personal life, all contributing to me damaging my gut health. The arrival of our twins was the pinnacle if you like, of me accepting a lifestyle change was needed, something more than just working out, but understanding my body, the food it can tolerate and what genuinely makes me happy.

I finally understood that we are all unique, and it was time to embrace my gut and my brain - and I felt physically lighter and happier in the process. 

Happy Gut Co is a place I created to inspire other people wanting a happy gut and mind balance, be it as an IBS sufferer or not. I now work as a mentor to help people like you find your perfect lifestyle balance, run my own Journeying to a Happy Gut and Mind workshops and host mindful Supper Clubs four times a year.

And I have loads more exciting things in the pipeline!

Whether you’re at the beginning of your gut health journey or partway through, a big warm welcome. If you have any questions about what I do, or how I can help you, do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Suzanne x.

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